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NHS body mapNHS Health A-Z
You can find out more about your health condition here using this free, innovative A-to-Z of illnesses, ailments and health disorders.

Although most disorders are common, minor and easily treatable, a general feeling of ill-health, fatigue or sickness that has been with you for more than a few days should investigated. So if you are concerned about a health problem or a developing condition you should consult your GP and book an appointment as soon as you can.

If you feel that your condition is minor but you would still like to speak to someone about it, the pharmacists at The Goldchem Pharmacy can confidentially discuss your circumstances and will either recommend a simple, over-the-counter remedy or suggest a visit to your Doctor. If you want to consult the Pharmacist from your own home, you can use our online 'Ask the Pharmacist' service or contact us by phone or e-mail.
map of medicineMap of Medicine Care Maps
The NHS Care Maps enable you to select your medicial or clinical condition to explore the pathway that NHS Healthcare Services can provide for you.

Your local pharmacist is a key contributor in aiding your complete return to good health and fitness and the services provided at he Goldchem Pharmacy are designed to support you in achieving this.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR DOCTOR SHOULD ALWAYS BE CONSULTED if you feel that your health situation has deteriorated rapidly or if you have suddenly noticed something unusual or alarming.

But your Pharmacist is an important source of information too, especially if you have a long-term health condition and you are taking prescription medicines on a regular basis. Book a Medicines Use Review to discuss your situation and how you are progressing with the treatment that has been prescribed for you by your Doctor and dispensed by your Pharmacist.
NHS Medicines Guides
The NHS Medicines Guides can tell you about the medicines you are taking, about side effects, interactions or dosages. You can use the A-Z listings to look up medicines by name or by the conditions they treat. The information covers drugs that might be prescribed by your doctor and dispensed by the Pharmacist and also 'over-the-counter' medicines that you can buy without a prescription.

If you are worried about information that you read in these guides, discuss your concerns with your Doctor or your Pharmacist. At the Goldchem Pharmacy we can support you through the treatment of your illness through regular health consultations - ask the pharmacy staff to arrange an appointment.

If you prefer, you can Ask The Pharmacist a question using our confidential, on-line enquiry service here, or you can contact us by phone, fax or e-mail, or make an appointment to speak to the Pharmacist by Booking a Consultation.
medicines reviewMedicine Use Review
At Goldchem Pharmacy you can take advantage of the Medicine Use Review service which is useful if you regularly take several prescription medicines or you are on medication for a long-term health condition or illness.
This confidential check-up will help you to find out more about your medicine, and spot any problems that you may be having with taking your medicines as prescribed.

The service is free and involves a consultation with our pharmacist who will be knowledgeable about both your situation and the medicines that have been prescribed for you. The discussion may reveal fresh circumstances or a change in your response to your medicines that call for a reassessment of their suitability for treating you.

You can book an appointment for your Medicine Use Review here, or call into the Pharmacy to speak to a member of staff, or phone or e-mail us.
old drugsUnwanted Medicines
How many of us have expired, unused, prescribed or generic medicines in our medicine cabinet at home?
It is important that you realize that old or unwanted drugs are dangerous as they can easily be accidentally used and can cause major health issues, especially to children!

All drugs have a 'shelf-life' exactly as food products do!

So spend some time going through the contents of your medicine cabinet and collect up old or out-of-date drugs - all the bottles and packets have a 'use by' date. Bbring them in to The Goldchem Pharmacy where we will safely dispose of them for you free of charge.

And as an additional warning, NEVER TAKE DRUGS INTENDED FOR SOMEONE ELSE! If you have a health complaint visit your GP or Ask the Pharmacist!

5 steps
to Mental Wellbeing:

happy lady
Scientific evidence points to five steps we can take to improve our mental health. READ MORE... read more icon
  • Stop Smoking
  • Sexual Health
  • Weight Management
  • Mobility & Incontinence
  • Ask the Pharmacist
stop smokingSTOP SMOKING!
You've heard all the statistics before and you've grown accustomed to the images of damaged lungs and arteries, but the simple facts of the matter are that smoking harms your health and hits your pocket. So stop! Much easier said than done!

But at The Goldchem Pharmacy we have staff especially trained as Smoking Cessation Advisors who can work with you to draw up a Plan-To-Quit and support you through the agreed stages and guide you towards a successful End to Smoking.

If you've been smoking 20-a-day for the past ten years then based on the average price of a packet during this time this has cost you £22344.64 - which is enough for a brand new VW Golf with change left over for a no-expense spared Caribbean holiday for the whole family! In addition to this, smoking each of these cigarettes has robbed you of 12 minutes of your life. So QUIT!

Ask the Pharmacy staff for information about the Smoking Cessation Scheme and stop smoking now - you'll feel healthier and be wealthier!
condom and pillsSexual Health
Recent data from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society
tells us that the UK has the highest teenage birth and abortion rates in Western Europe and the decade between 1998 and 2007 saw a 63% increase in the idenfification of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in the UK.

At the Goldchem Pharmacy you will find information leaflets about all aspects of sexual health and if you want to talk to someone confidentially about a sexual health issue that is worrying you a private consultation facility is available to discuss your situation with an understanding and patient member of the Pharmacy staff.

We can arrange screening and diagnosis of STIs, provide access to free NHS pregnancy testing (where appropriate) or advise on over-the-counter products that we stock. Our staff are discreet and non-judgmental when dispensing prescription items. You can also Ask the Pharmacist a question online about any aspect of your sexual health that is troubling you, or Request a Consultation if you would like to arrange a private discussion.
weighing scalesWeight Management
If you're overweight, losing some of it will bring you a range of important health benefits. The key to success? Make realistic and achievable changes to your diet and levels of physical activity that can become part of your daily routine.

At The Goldchem Pharmacy we have specialist staff who can offer advice and guidance about safe and sensible ways to lose weight that can be highly effective. We can also support you through your weight-loss programme and help you to maintain your determination to lose weight, become more active and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Ask for details about our Weight-Loss Programmes from any of the pharmacy staff or Request a Consultation if you would like to discuss your situation more confidentially.
mobility appliancesMobility and Incontinence
At The Goldchem Pharmacy we have a specialist department, Walton's Surgical Appliances, which stocks a range of mobility, incontinence and other surgical appliances to suit your needs.

Our staff are on hand to provide advice and information about the products and services that are available and if you receive regular prescriptions for surgical appliances from your GP or your Nurse Practitioner you can nominate Walton's Surgical Appliances as your preferred Dispensing Appliance Contractor through the new, NHS Electronic Prescription Service. This will ensure that items and equipment that you regularly need are always in stock and ready to supply to you.

If you are unsure about how these services may suit you, or you would like further information, please Request a Consultation to discuss your situation with a qualified member of our staff.
question marksAsk the Pharmacist... Or Request a Consultation...
Is there something you would like to know about your medicine?

- do you want information about The Goldchem Pharmacy's services that you can't find on our webpages?
- are you concerned about your health or your medicines and would like some advice?

Use our 'Ask the Pharmacist' online enquiry service to get an answer to your question.
This service is a completely confidential conversation and will be between you and the Pharmacist only.

You can also Request a Consultation to arrange a private and completely confidential discussion with the Pharmacist or one of our other qualified staff on a range of topics that includes Weight Management, how to Stop Smoking and issues of concern about your sexual health.