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Goldchem Pharmacy is situated in Albert Road, Southsea, Hampshire, just a few minutes walk away from the seafront and the South Parade Pier.

Street parking is available close by in any of the smaller side-streets joining Albert Road but the Pharmacy is within easy walking distance of the many residential areas in the south of Portsmouth city.

The Pharmacy is close to banks, a post-office, a community supermarket, many small and specialist retail outlets and is centrally placed for the residential areas between the main Southsea shopping areas and the seafront.


Aquarius Nursing Home

aquarius nursing home entranceQuality Residential Care in Southsea for Senior Citizens
Feature: National Diet and Nutrition Survey - health living!
healthy diet This week has seen the publication of the National Diet and Nutrition Survey, a 4-year study conducted by Public Health England in partnership with the Foods Standards Agency.

The data is disturbing and affects us all by showing that most of us in the UK are consuming foods leading to a diet of too much salt, sugar and saturated fats and not enough fruit, vegetables, oily fish and fibre.

Public Health England, the Government's national agency with a broad remit to monitor the nation's health recently launched a publicity campaign to draw our attention to the need for healthy living and in particular has designed a balanced and highly nutritional diet based on the 'Eatwell Plate' which encourages us to improve our diets by including a greater proportion of healthy foods and a reduction in the consumption of so-called 'junk food'.
Read more about the 'Eatwell Plate': link to the eatwell plate