Goldchem Pharmacy Customer Survey
At Goldchem Pharmacy we aim to provide the local community and surrounding areas with a first class friendly and helpful service by offering high quality products and specialist services.

Goldchem Pharmacy aims to maintain our reputation as a leading independent pharmacy in the area which is why we conducted this Customer Satisfaction Survey to find out about your views and opinions of the products and services that we provide.

The results are encouraging and indicate that we are meeting the high standards that you demand in many areas but also show that there are areas where there is room for improvement!

So we will be using these indications for raising the quality of our service and product,s to train our staff more thoroughly and research the marketplace for products that more closely match your needs.

We asked:
  • How satisfied were you with the time it took to provide your prescription and/or any other NHS service you required?
    prescriptions satisfied89% of customers who responded were satisfied;
  • Thinking about any previous visits to the Pharmacy as well as today's, we asked for your rating on factors such as comfort and convenience, our stock, the cleanliness of the premises ...

    survey chart cleanliness etc

  • Including any previous visits to this Pharmacy, how would you rate the pharmacist and the other staff for example with regard to politeness, answering queries, customer service ...

    survey chart staff

  • We asked you to think about all the times you have used the Pharmacy and rate services such as how we provide advice and dispose of medicines you don't need anymore:

    survey chart staff

  • We asked you about advice you may have been given about helping to stop smoking, about health exercise or about physical exercise:

    survey chart staff
99 per centTaking everything into consideration, the staff, the shop and the service that is provided, 99% of our patients and customers were satisfied with the Goldchem Pharmacy.

Thank you for your time and attention in taking part in the Patient Survey, and as a result of the information it has provided we hope that you will notice improvements in all aspects of how the Goldchem Pharmacy serves the needs of the local community in due course.