Our Earwax Removal Service offers a safe, gentle, and effective solution to this common problem. Our trained professionals use modern equipment to ensure a comfortable experience. This service is suitable for all ages and includes a consultation and aftercare advice. Ensure the health of your ears and improve your hearing clarity by booking an appointment with us today.

Our team can help you manage your alcohol intervention programme to ensure that you are getting the best support possible. Ask a member of our team for more information or call to arrange a confidential appointment with us.

Ask our team for information about how we can help you to monitor your blood pressure and diabetes. We are able to check your blood pressure and blood sugar in the pharmacy, so just give us a call to schedule a convenient time or come in and speak to a member of our staff today.

If you have had unprotected sex, taking emergency hormonal contraception within a three days may prevent pregnancy. You should remember that this is for occasional, emergency use only and should NOT be your regular form of contraception. Ask the dispensary staff for details if you would like a confidential discussion about your circumstances.

If you are dealing with a long-term health issue, at Goldchem Pharmacy we can arrange to collect your repeat prescriptions on your behalf and we can also deliver your medication to your home. Both services are intended to ensure that you are always in receipt of your medication when you need it. Ask the pharmacy staff for details.

If your health condition requires you to be taking several medicines, ask about our compliance aids designed to help you to monitor your medicine regimes and ensure that you stick to them. We can supply your treatments in easy-to-use blister packs that make it very easy to be certain that you have taken your medications correctly. Ask the dispensary staff for details.

Our NHS health check aims to target cases of cardiovascular disease, we can check your cholesterol for you and give you the best advice currently available on this matter. Ask a team member today.

All of our trained staff are part of the Dementia Friends scheme. We are trained to help those who suffer with dementia, to make their time spent at the pharmacy easy and safe, without making them feel uncomfortable or confused.

We are able to supply a number of medicines without a prescription under certain circumstances. If you realise you are short on your medication and are unable to get a prescription from your GP, call us and see if we can help.

The NHS-New Medicine Service is a confidential consultation service that will enable the Pharmacist to discuss with you how you are using your medicines. This is particularly important for those with a long-term illness, as it may be possible that newer pharmacy products may be available that would suit you better.

For your mobility needs we have a good stock of aids and products to make life easier and more accessible for you. We are also specialists in supporting stoma care and provide a very efficient product delivery service. If you would like to find out more about these services, ask a member of our team today.

Needle Exchange Schemes are an essential part of the strategy for preventing the transmission of blood-borne viruses amonst drug users. The Pharmacy offers a completely confidential service to help you stay safer – ask for details. Additionally, the Pharmacy offers a free, safe disposal service for all unwanted medicines and pharmacy products.

At Goldchem Pharmacy, our staff are trained to help you quit smoking, using our one-to-one service. To take advantage of this service, please call to schedule an appointment or speak to a member of our team, in store, today.

We stock a full range of home pregnancy testing kits that are easy to use and can provide quite accurate results if used properly. However, false results are common if the test is used too early or if testing instructions are not followed correctly. If you would like some advice, or would prefer to have guidance with pregnancy testing, we are able to offer pregnancy testing on-site. Speak to a member of our dispensary team for more information.

If you have a long-term health condition or illness we can provide you with a reminder to collect your prescription when it falls due. To set up this service, speak to a member of the dispensary staff. Alternatively you may be interested in our Repeat Prescription Service and/or our Free Collection and Delivery Service. Please ask a member of our staff for more details.

Let us arrange your repeat prescriptions for collection from your GP’s surgery to ensure that your medicines are ready for you in the Pharmacy when you need them. The service is free, efficient and completely confidential. All you need to do is call in to the Pharmacy to complete one straightforward sign-up form and then leave the rest to us. Ask the dispensary staff for details.

Maybe you find it hard to resist snacking or eating all the fattening foods, or perhaps you have a medical condition that affects your weight? Either way, we have trained staff who can set up a weight management programme and help you stick to it. Speak to a trained member of our team today about how we can help you achieve your weight management goals.

We can provide free treatment for a number of minor ailments. Ask a member of staff about our minor ailments scheme.

We are pleased to offer Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring, a service crucial for accurately assessing blood pressure variations over a 24-hour period, for newly diagnosed hypertensive patients. Our service includes the use of a comfortable, lightweight monitor worn discreetly, and a comprehensive analysis of the results by our healthcare professionals. Note, this service is only available to eligible patients. Please enquire with our team today.